Limited Edition / 50

600mm x 900mm (23.6" x 35.5")

Hahnemühle German Etching Fine Art Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist


This piece was inspired by my own personal journey of Jewish meditation. Jewish mystics have viewed meditation as leading to Devekut (cleaving to G-d). Maimonides suggests that meditation is a higher form of worship than either sacrifice or prayer. There is evidence that Judaism has had meditative practices since the time of the patriarchs - Isaac is described as going lasuach in the field - a term understood by many commentators as a reference to meditative practice, and there are several indications of meditation throughout the Tanakh.

The practice includes the settling of the mind, followed by introspection, visualization, emotional insight, contemplation of Divine names and ethical concepts, as well as concentration on philosophical, ethical and mystical ideas. My inspiration for the elements of the artwork came from Sha'ar ha-Yihud veha-Emunah – a meditative “manual” written by Rabbi Shneur Zalman (d. 1812). Here he suggested that while focusing on the Divine nature of existence, there are several different variances, such as the "Upper Unity" in which one perceives that "all is Gd," and the "Lower Unity," in which one perceives that there is a world, but it is an expression of Gd: "Gd is all."


B’didut (solitude)

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