Limited Edition / 50

850mm x 800mm (33.5" x 31.5")

Hahnemühle German Etching Fine Art Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist


The coming of Shabbat is a truly enchanting time for children. Before sunset on each Friday evening I would watch my older sister and mother welcome in the Sabbath by lighting the candles. I always found it a beautiful ritual and secretly wished I could do it too (but I was also more than happy with my personal task of blessing the bread and wine!) The encircling of the hands over the flames is beautifully feminine and delicate and I could tell it was always a special bonding moment for my mother and sister. Candlelight has many meanings in Judaism – they remind us of G-d’s presence as well as Shabbat as a holy space. The candle's flame is also thought to symbolically represent the human soul and serves as a reminder of the frailty and beauty of life. By lighting the two candles, mother and daughter keep the ancient tradition alive - a symbolic reminder of the biblical requirements to keep (shamor v'zachor) and enjoy (oneg Shabbat) the Sabbath.

L’hadlik ner shel Shabbat

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