Limited Edition / 50

900mm x 853mm (35.5" x 33.5")

Hahnemühle German Etching Fine Art Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist


The fox features in many of the Talmudic and Midrashic literature – generally as a sly and cunning trickster. It is believed that the fox was the main character in literally hundreds of oral animal tales during the Tannaitic period. Most notably R. Meir (Sanh. 38b) was said to have 300 fox fables. Sadly none of them were written down, with the exception of the stories’ titles. Several were later reimagined by Hai Gaon and Rashi. How exciting would it be to know these lost adventures of the fox! This piece was inspired by my favourite of the surviving fox stories:


One day, a sly fox came across a beautiful vineyard. Much to the fox’s dismay, a tall fence surrounded the vineyard. Eventually he found a small hole in the fence but it was too small for him to squeeze through. Peeking through the fence at the most luscious ripe fruit, he devised a plan (as foxes do!). The fox fasted for three days until he became thin enough to slip through the hole. Inside the vineyard, the fox began to eat to his heart’s content. But when he was done with his feast and ready to go home, he was a rather larger fox and again could no longer fit through the hole! So again the fox fasted for three days before he was able to escape through the hole in the fence. “Vineyard, O vineyard! How lovely you look, and how lovely are your fruits and vines. But what good are you to me? just as I came to you, so I leave you…” lamented the fox. And so, our sages say, it is also with this world. In the words of King Solomon – “just as man comes into this world emptyhanded, so he leaves it”. The only “fruits” we can take with us from this world are our study of Torah and the mitzvot and good deeds we do.  

Lessons of the Fox

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