Limited Edition / 50

900mm x 695mm (35.5" x 27")

Hahnemühle German Etching Fine Art Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist


Within one image, I aim to show the life of a Jewish man. Following his traditional path, the visual shows both his heritage and at the same time his future. I placed the Shin above the doorframe – on my path through life I have always looked to the magical twenty-first letter of the alef-beis. It is an incredibly powerful visual that has endless meaning. The three lines of the shin may be interpreted as three general dimensions of a human being: Kesser (will and pleasure), the intellect, and the emotions. Simultaneously the three lines of the shin can signify the three pillars upon which the world stands: the study of Torah, prayer and good deeds. Visually the letter itself looks like a crown. I believe Judaism gives us all this crown – to live our lives with the responsibility of Kings. The shadows of Aba and Ima are in the “wings” proudly watching the scene unfold.  

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